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Explore core, arm, knee and chest hooping, vortex variations, tosses, rolls, isolations and transitions. Second Tuesday of each month Tu | Sep 12, Oct 10, Nov 14, Dec 12 | 8pm-9pm | | 130653 | All Ages | Dance Studio Instructor: Amber Funk Barton ROUNDHOUSE COMMUNITY DANCERS (19 ) Join dance artist Carolina Bergonzoni to experiment with space, rhythm, and the body-as-sculpture. Su | Sep 10-Dec 3 | -pm | /10 sess | 122610 | 19 | Dance St Instructor: Carolina Bergonzoni LATIN & SWING DANCE (16 ) .75/DROP-IN Have fun learning to dance swing, Latin and ballroom with style and confidence. LINE DANCING (55 ) .75/DROP-IN Learn the elements of line dancing, a wonderful form of dance and fitness. Come early to pay at the front desk before you sign up.

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The age of the original Homo naledi remains from the Dinaledi Chamber has been revealed to be startlingly young in age.

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He also learned that his fixation on sex was a way of avoiding his insecurities and tackling the emotional issues that first led to his addictive behavior. “We treat it very much like sobriety for an eating disorder,” says Robert Weiss, founder of the Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles. ’ We look at your goals and figure in your sexual behaviors and validate what’s going to lead you back to the behavior you don’t want to do.”Although sex addicts sometimes describe behavior akin to obsessive-compulsive disorder, research hasn’t directly correlated the two.

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