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It was a cry for help in your 20s, but in your 40s it’s the equivalent of asking, “Should I get a Justin Bieber tattoo?” You should be able to figure that one out on your own.Senior Dating Life is a senior dating service offering senior singles personalised dating.We specialise in providing senior singles the best senior dating site online.You’re old enough (and hopefully employed enough) to have health insurance.Make a dermatology appointment and keep your skin cancer screenings out of the bedroom.

To fix that “it doesn’t feel as good” problem, brush up on how to have a stronger orgasm.

No matter where you are based we have senior singles in your area looking to find their special someone. Senior Singles near you are online now Join Free today and meet senior singles in your town or city.

Back in our 20s, it was easy to be excused for the occasional faux pas in bed.

Or thinking of shorts as “business casual.” Or trying adventurous haircuts. We wouldn’t dream of telling you what political beliefs you should have, or the only appropriate religious convictions, or even what kind of music you should listen to.

Above all, there are certain words and phrases that you just shouldn’t be using any more. We just think that a man who’s been on the planet for at least four decades shouldn’t be saying things like, “That is so sus.” (If you had to Google what “sus” means, then you’ve just proved our point.) To create the definitive list of words and phrases that a man in his 40s should exorcise from his vocabulary with extreme prejudice, we enlisted the help of Barbara Pachter, a business etiquette coach from New Jersey, and Richie Frieman, a manners expert and author of If you’ve made it this far in life and you’re still not sure how different colors go (or don’t go) together, it’s a miracle you ever leave the house in anything but a tracksuit.

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