Southern belle dating rules

The principles of honesty, integrity, and virtue are not being taught to many of the younger girls.“Modern” women and “Modern” society – Some of the ideas of the modern woman and modern society have changed the household of what a true "Southern family" should be.There is arrogance and self-importance to a degree in all southern belles and southern ladies.

Throughout the South, belles put out silver that is dented and bent with large scratches.

If at all possible, the mother needs to be home to raise the small children.

The proper southern household should be set to where the wife and the female children take care of the household duties (laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc).

There are two that are still in existence today, one of which is a sugar mill plantation (no longer in operation) and the other produces pecans and ships them all over the world.

The title itself has the connotations of arrogance and self-importance.

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