As Romany points out, 'Moroccan girls, for example, are not going to hear anything about sex at home so it's important for them to learn it at school.' Where there are significant numbers of Islamic students boys and girls may have these lessons separately, but in general those who deal with sex education are trained to use mixed classes positively.'In our sessions the boys drew up a list of what they didn't know about girls and vice versa,' Ivo told me.'I went there for the morning-after pill when something went wrong,' says Romany. 'We've done studies which show that those kids who know the score are actually likely to postpone intercourse rather than rush into it.Also we found that the girls who use the abortion clinic weren't any different from the girls who come for contraception in social background or in what they knew about sex, but they were the ones who were most reluctant to talk about it with their mothers or their boyfriends.' Tamara is equally dismissive of the idea, frequently heard among finger-waggers in Britain, that too much talk about sex encourages children into a sexual career before they are emotionally ready.Sexually speaking, Dutch courage has come to mean facing the truth about teenage sexuality, shouldering responsibility to give young people the best help and offering more than soap-box oratory to the 'rising tide' of young single mums.A rainbow party is a supposed group sex event featured in an urban legend spread since the early 2000s.Young people do have sex on vacation so the show gives explicit advice about everything, including how to use a condom.

We'd started with the words we use about sex - we could say anything, even the dirty words.

Next door to the Rutgers headquarters is one of the seven houses run by the foundation offering a discreet service to young people.

Accommodated in ordinary semis or terraced houses, staff are available to deal with every sexual inquiry. They're just there to help and I have found the people there easier to talk to than my doctor.' Doortje emphatically denies that the foundation's work stimulates young people to have sex.

Each received sex education at school that went a lot farther than tadpole drawings of sperm headed for ovaries.

And each has had easy access to contraceptives and advice in a country where public opinion is more focused on pragmatism and personal responsibility than on a desire to wag the finger in the name of morality. The Netherlands has the lowest rate of teenage pregnancy in the Western world.

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