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That being said, youth who participate in social networking sites or post personal information on websites or blogs are more likely to be cyberbullied.One way to prevent cyberbullying is to adjust your account settings to private to avoid unwanted visitors seeking private information.While social networking sites may provide a medium with which cyberbullies attack others, the site itself did not create the bully nor did it encourage the behaviour.A bully is still a bully whether they exist in the online realm or in the physical world.According to the Cyberbullying Research, girls are more likely than boys to experience cyberbullying.Girls are also more likely to engage in cyberbullying behaviour such as posting unwanted photos of others online and using social networking sites to embarrass others.

A kid/teen may create a screen name that is very similar to another kid's name.

They may post a provocative message in a hate group's chat room posing as the victim, inviting an attack against the victim, often giving the name, address and telephone number of the victim to make the hate group's job easier.

Children used to tease each other in the playground; now they do it on Web sites.

All Seenu wants to do is to run away to Bangkok, by conning the poor farmers, but he ends up becoming their liberator.

Khaidi No 150 Movie Review: There was a time, from the late eighties to mid nineties to be specific, Chiranjeevi could entertain, even when playing plain stupid.

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