Tetraflex accommodating intraocular lens

Nu Lens (Nu Lens Ltd.) is a single-optic, mechanical accommodating IOL designed to provide up to 10 D of accommodation.

In clinical studies, Crystalens and Trulign have been shown to provide about 1 diopter of accommodation.

(Toric designs correct astigmatism.) THE FAILED Synchrony (developed by Visiogen) was a mechanical accommodating IOL with two lenses that moved closer or farther apart to change focus.

When Abbott Medical Optics (AMO) acquired Visogen for 0 million in 2009, Synchrony had just received CE marking in Europe.

A drawback to most mechanical accommodating IOLs is that the ciliary muscle may not be strong enough to power the lens to provide an in-focus image at every distance.

As a result, currently approved accommodating lenses typically can’t provide a full range of vision.

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