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Most megadaters don't have clarity on what they want in their partner.

You are happy with confining it to words on your phone screen. Says Ashi Mehta, 14, "We don't really want to take things to the next level just yet.CUFFING SEASON You are single, it's the year-end and you've got parties to go to. You hookup with someone just so that you aren't the odd man/woman out when everyone around you is with his or her partner.Fall and winter are considered prime 'cuffing' seasons, a time when people dread the idea of being alone. You are at a gathering but leave your male friends at one corner to go and talk to your girlfriend or a girl you are interested in, for a prolonged period of time.Megadating is about being in a series of non-exclusive relationships.This isn't cheating as commitment phase is still far away.

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